Regada 2016

It has been a yearly tradition to celebrate the Cavite City Water Festival more popularly known as “REGADA” every June. The annual tourism oriented festival has evolved into a combined environmental, religious and cultural activity. More so, the month of June is significant in Cavite City’s history for its lasting contribution to Philippine independence and history.
“Regada” was derived the spanish word “regar” from the chavacano speaking Cavitenos, which means water or to sprinkle. In a bid to hold the biggest water festival, Regada, will be staged in the one kilometer stretch along P. Burgos Avenue. The main thorougfare will be rigged with sprinklers and mobile sound system to transform P. Burgos Avenue into what could be the biggest wet party in the country.
Regada started in 1996 during the tenure of the Mayor Tim Encarnacion and from then on, was held every year thereon during the month of June.
Photos: 06.24.16Β 


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