GV Connect: Mirror Selfies

We all love taking selfies especially when we’re wearing our GV shirts and when there’s a mirror around it’s obligatory. Here are some mirror shots from our Team GudVibes friends.
Vincent – FlagBhricel – GV Fanboy “bruce”javelyne – gelomarcia – grip tapesNochi – GV Fanboy “Bruce”brader – Rain makersangelo – kavibesdon – gv crewneckjoebel – buck$joseph & Jerah – Blood 3arvin – GV crewnecksir – tiki tribe 1sir – black mamba 2.0mam & sir – Tiki capmam – tiki tribe 1kisses – black mamba 1joshua & Christian – Family / Rosecharles & Renz – GV twenty fourteen / pusoymark ronald – tiki tribe 2victoria – gv twenty fourteen


did we miss your mirror selfie? let us know on our group Team GudVibes, we’ll include it on our next GV Connect!!
visit our store, let’s take some mirror selfies! lol

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