Time Lapse: Gelo Pick Up

we’ll show you how our pick up day goes.
GElo Shirt pick-up
April 18, 2015 | Saturday
Noveleta –> Cubao –> Noveleta
total time: 4hrs 29 Mins
Woke up before 7AM, need to take another nap.its almost 8AM, time to get ready9:05AM, Its Hustle time.a little walk and the bus has arrivedarrived at baclaran, 9:54AM another jeepney ride10:04AM now at MRT TaftMRT ticket line10:10AM Good morning grumpy passengernow at cubao Station! Araneta Dreams!to stanford, need to take a tryke10:59AM, got the Gelo shirts! Time to headbackbut first need to buy some lunchcheeseburger meal for take outthe trafic is quite heavy this weekend, almost 2 hrs from cubao to coastaland finally at 13:34, im back at the GV hQ, Time to relax before the gvstore opens!

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